Mulroney was a big chinned crook?

Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron and Cash, Cash, Cash
by Diane Francis

It's the $300,000 in cash that our former prime minister took from an arms dealer on three occasions in three hotel rooms that still bothers me...I just can't help but wonder about a few niggling details. Call me silly, but I'm just curious.

Was it in twenties, fifties or hundreds? This matters because hundreds could fit easily into a briefcase, but twenties would require a small hockey bag. And a distinguished former Prime Minister would look out of place walking through a hotel lobby or into a bank with a hockey bag. So how did it get out of the hotel room? Was it divided into smaller piles for other people?

Did Mulroney want cash or did he just take whatever Karlheinz Schreiber had kicking around in his safe or in his mattress? And what currency did he receive? Canadian or American or Swiss or something more exotic?

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I just wonder why they couldn't fully bust him properly when this so-called "airbus scandal" first came out. Why are these high-end criminals not hunted down with at least the same zeal as drug dealers?

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