Canadian Tyrants Torture Too

Only one case of Afghan torture considered 'credible': Harper
By The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says allegations that prisoners faced torture in Afghanistan had no credibility until the most recent case came to light.

He was responding to a renewed attack by the Liberals in the House of Commons, who claimed the Conservatives tried to cover up reports by Canadian officials in Kandahar last spring.

Published reports last April said as many as 30 captured insurgents claimed to have been mistreated, a report that prompted Harper's government to renegotiate its transfer arrangement with the Afghan government.

Since that new deal came into effect, there have been seven claims of torture put before Canadian diplomats and correctional officers operating in the war-torn city.

The latest case, revealed last week, showed a prisoner who had been physically abused.

Harper deflected the Liberal criticism saying the opposition is just trying to smear the reputation of Canadian soldiers by branding them as complicit in war crimes.

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