Cowardly Canadian Cops kill Polish Man

Video prompts Taser review

Stockwell Day steps in after release of video showing Taser-related death at Vancouver Airport
Vancouver Sun

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Canada ordered a review into the use of Tasers today after graphic video footage emerged showing police using the stun guns to shoot an unarmed Polish immigrant who then collapsed and died.

The video - broadcast repeatedly on Canadian and U.S. television networks - showed Robert Dziekanski shrieking in agony after he was hit by 50,000-volt blasts at Vancouver International Airport a month ago.

"I've asked for a review relating to the use of Tasers ... this is a tragic and grievous incident. We want to find out answers that can prevent these things from happening in the future," Public Security Minister Stockwell Day told Parliament.
Robert Dziekanski moments before he died at Vancouver Airport.

The video cast doubt on the official RCMP account of the incident, which said officers fired Taser shots at Dziekanski after he became abusive.

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