O'Reilley, O'Donnell - 911 conspiracists

If Fat-headed O'Reilley and Fat-assed O'Donnell are about to get into it on the 911, you know it's on. People must remember - anything they hear about 911 on the Main $tream Media will be the corporate version of the truth. A few years from now, Pepsi will probably sponsor truth channels over the internet - just like JFK got corrupted and changed so many times, until there was no possibility for the truth.

Even the next level of corporate drivel - let's look at the supposedly far left crowd:

Michale Moore: You're famous for pointing out how Flint Michigan got turned into a third world because the car companies suck - it only took you an hour to state the obvious, go eat some more pop-tarts. You haven't said dick about 911 until after that blockbuster fraud of a movie was made. They didn't know about the towers? Surely somebody would have noticed BBC broadcasting the collapse before it happened - has nobody got the balls and the pull to follow these leads to ground?

Oliver Stone - Ah... sometime our kids will know whichever story we decided to write down after the fact, quick - look at these homo gangsters dancing with strippers. He found nothing out but what was acceptably or accidentally leaked.

Chomsky: Should have stuck with Linguistics. You can't talk your way out of WTC 7 (USS Liberty/Gulf of Tonkin/Pearl Harbor) for long, without corrupting yourself. Why does the idea that the enemy comes from within scare him so much more than the other horrible acts they've committed in the past 50 years? Yeah, we know Vietnam broke everybody's heart, but to talk about recent events as if it were political chit-chat is outrageous.

O'Donnell & O'Reiley: Put down the coke, use your brain - speak coherently & then tell them you know nothing - that's helpful (seriously). They've given us nothing but imprecise dissertation on the official story. They speak so well about nothing - talking heads with bullshit propaganda from the companies and governments dropping cluster bombs on women and children for a demonstrably evil purpose.

Dan F.


Anonymous said...

"deal with it here, no spin", man that dude is fucking unbelievable.
I really cant believe that people can watch that show and go along with what he says.


Leisure Society said...

I hate Bill O'Reilly, the man should be locked up.